Remedies – Disposable Bed Pads 36″ x 36″ – 50 Count – Large Bed Pads for Incontinence – Seniors, Adults & Kids Chucks Pads – Adult Absorbent Incontinence Disposable Underpads for Beds & Furniture Price: $49.99 (as of 29/05/2024 03:49 PST- Details)

INCONTINENCE BED PADS – Help soak up urine, liquids, accidents and body oil with our disposable adult size pads for bed, furniture, wheelchairs, cribs and more. Each under pad is latex free with a soft fluff fill layer that increases absorption to keep skin and furniture dry and clean.
SUPERIOR ABSORBENT PADS – Our 36″ x 36″ pads have a 80 gram fluff weight with our specially engineered 3g Super Absorbent Polymer cover for enhanced protection against stains and odors. Features an embossed non skid backing and wetness indicator to alert you of an accident. Each pad holds up to 8x its weight in liquid.
MOISTURE BARRIER EDGE – Our chuck pads are disposable but built with our highly effective reinforced edging to create a moisture spill proof barrier. The soft cloth like material will stay comfortable and usable all night no matter what time an accident occurs. Dispose bed pad in the morning.

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Incontinence bed pads are specialized disposable pads designed to help manage urinary incontinence and other fluid-related issues. These pads offer a practical solution for individuals experiencing leaks or accidents during sleep or while seated. With their high absorbency and protective features, they contribute to maintaining cleanliness and comfort.

Definition of Incontinence Bed Pads: Incontinence bed pads refer to absorbent sheets or underpads specifically crafted to absorb urine, liquids, accidents, and body oils. These pads come in various sizes and are suitable for use on beds, furniture, wheelchairs, cribs, and other surfaces where protection against moisture is needed.

Purpose and Benefits: The primary purpose of incontinence bed pads is to provide a reliable barrier against leaks and spills, thereby protecting mattresses, furniture, and other surfaces from staining and odors. Additionally, these pads help maintain skin integrity by keeping it dry and reducing the risk of irritation and discomfort. They offer peace of mind to individuals with incontinence issues, allowing them to sleep or sit comfortably without worrying about accidents. Incontinence bed pads also simplify cleanup and maintenance, enhancing convenience for caregivers and users alike.

Features of Incontinence Bed Pads:

Absorption Capacity:

Incontinence bed pads are equipped with a soft fluff fill layer designed to efficiently absorb urine, liquids, and body oils.
Enhanced with a 3g super absorbent polymer cover, these pads offer superior protection against stains and odors.
Size and Dimensions:

These pads come in a convenient size of 36″ x 36″, providing ample coverage and protection for various surfaces.
Remarkably, each pad holds up to 8 times its weight in liquid, ensuring maximum absorption capacity and extended use.
Design and Construction:

Crafted from latex-free materials, incontinence bed pads are safe and suitable for individuals with latex allergies.
The pads feature a moisture barrier edge, reinforced for spill-proof protection, preventing leaks and maintaining cleanliness.
An embossed non-skid backing ensures the pad stays securely in place, offering stability and comfort during use.
Additionally, a wetness indicator alerts users or caregivers of moisture, facilitating timely pad changes for optimal hygiene.

Disposal and Maintenance:

Incontinence bed pads are designed with convenience in mind, offering a disposable solution to manage leaks and spills effectively. Their disposable nature simplifies maintenance, eliminating the need for washing and drying, saving time and effort for caregivers and users.

Featuring reinforced edging, these pads create a reliable spill-proof barrier, minimizing the risk of leakage and ensuring protection for mattresses and furniture. This reinforced design enhances durability and extends the pad’s lifespan, providing long-lasting performance.

Despite their disposable nature, incontinence bed pads are crafted with comfort in mind. The soft cloth-like material remains comfortable against the skin, promoting a restful night’s sleep without compromising on usability. Users can rely on these pads to maintain dryness and cleanliness throughout the night, enhancing overall comfort and well-being.

When it comes to disposal, it’s essential to follow proper instructions for hygienic management. Dispose of used pads responsibly according to local regulations and guidelines. By disposing of the pads promptly and appropriately, you ensure a clean and sanitary environment for continued comfort and hygiene.


In summary, incontinence bed pads offer a comprehensive solution for managing leaks and spills effectively. With features like high absorption capacity, reinforced edging, and a disposable design, these pads provide both convenience and reliability.

The benefits of incontinence bed pads are numerous. They offer superior protection against stains and odors, ensuring cleanliness and hygiene. Their soft fluff fill layer and comfortable construction promote a restful night’s sleep, free from discomfort.

Importantly, incontinence bed pads play a vital role in maintaining hygiene and comfort for individuals with incontinence issues. By providing a reliable barrier against leaks and spills, they contribute to a clean and sanitary environment, promoting overall well-being and quality of life.

Incontinence bed pads are not just practical; they are essential for ensuring dignity, comfort, and confidence for those dealing with incontinence. Their importance cannot be overstated in providing a sense of security and peace of mind for both users and caregivers alike.

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