Remedies – Disposable Bed Pads 23″ x 36″ – 150 Count – Large Bed Pads for Incontinence – Seniors, Adults & Kids Chucks Pads – Adult Absorbent Incontinence Disposable Underpads for Beds & Furniture Price: $64.99 (as of 26/05/2024 00:40 PST- Details)

INCONTINENCE BED PADS – Help soak up urine, liquids, accidents and body oil with our disposable adult size pads for bed, furniture, wheelchairs, cribs and more. Each under pad is latex free with a soft fluff fill layer that increases absorption to keep skin and furniture dry and clean.
SUPERIOR ABSORBENT PADS – Our 23″ x 36″ pads have a 45 gram fluff weight for low profile yet effective absorption of stains and odors. Features an embossed non skid backing and wetness indicator to alert you of an accident. Each pad holds up to 8x its weight in liquid.
MOISTURE BARRIER EDGE – Our chuck pads are disposable but built with our highly effective reinforced edging to create a moisture spill proof barrier. The soft cloth like material will stay comfortable and usable all night no matter what time an accident occurs. Dispose bed pad in the morning.




adult bed pads
Bed Pads for Adults

Introduction: Adult Bed Pads

Adult bed pads are a necessity for many individuals, especially seniors, adults, and kids dealing with incontinence. Among the best solutions are the Disposable Bed Pads 23″ x 36″ – 150 Count.

These pads offer a reliable and hygienic way to manage accidents, providing comfort and peace of mind to users and caregivers alike.

These disposable bed pads serve as a crucial resource for maintaining cleanliness and comfort in various settings, from homes to healthcare facilities.

With their generous dimensions and high absorbency, they offer a practical solution to the challenges posed by incontinence. Whether used on beds, furniture, wheelchairs, or cribs.

These pads provide a protective barrier against urine, liquids, accidents, and body oil. Designed with convenience and effectiveness in mind, they ensure that users can rest easy knowing they are protected throughout the night.

Superior Absorbent Pads

The Disposable Bed Pads boast impressive specifications, making them superior absorbent pads for managing incontinence. With dimensions measuring 23″ x 36″, these pads provide ample coverage and protection. Featuring a fluff weight of 45 grams, they ensure effective absorption of liquids, stains, and odors, offering a reliable solution for users.

Notably, these pads have an exceptional capacity, capable of holding up to 8 times their weight in liquid. This remarkable feature ensures prolonged protection and comfort, even during heavy usage. Additionally, the pads are equipped with an embossed non-skid backing, preventing slippage and ensuring stability during use. Moreover, a convenient wetness indicator alerts users or caregivers of any accidents, facilitating timely changes and maintaining cleanliness.

Moisture Barrier Edge

Crafted with attention to detail, the Disposable Bed Pads feature a moisture barrier edge that sets them apart from standard pads. The reinforced edging creates a spill-proof barrier, effectively containing any liquid and preventing leakage onto bedding or furniture. This feature provides added security and peace of mind, particularly for users who may experience frequent accidents.

Constructed from a soft cloth-like material, these pads prioritize comfort without compromising on performance. Despite their heavy-duty functionality, they maintain a gentle feel against the skin, minimizing discomfort and irritation. Furthermore, the disposable design enhances convenience, allowing for easy disposal in the morning. This eliminates the need for laundering and simplifies cleanup, saving time and effort for caregivers and users alike.

Ultra Hygienic Solution

Designed to cater to a diverse range of users, including seniors, adults, and kids, the Disposable Bed Pads offer an ultra-hygienic solution for managing incontinence. Their discrete, low-profile design ensures that users can maintain dignity and privacy while receiving the protection they need. With heavy-duty absorption capabilities, these pads effectively tackle liquid, stains, and odors, keeping bedding and furniture clean and fresh.

Furthermore, the availability of bulk savings packs enhances their cost-effectiveness, making them an economical choice for households and healthcare facilities alike. Whether used in homes, hospitals, or care facilities, these pads provide reliable protection without breaking the bank. Additionally, the inclusion of adult bed pads in the range emphasizes their versatility and suitability for users of all ages.

Pre-folded & Compact

The convenience of the Disposable Bed Pads extends to their pre-folded and compact design, which facilitates easy storage and organization. Whether kept under beds, in closets, or in bathrooms, these pads can be conveniently accessed whenever needed. Their versatility makes them suitable for a variety of settings, including beds, wheelchairs, cribs, and more.

Moreover, their accessibility before bedtime or post-surgery/injury ensures that users can quickly and easily access the protection they require. This added convenience alleviates stress and discomfort, allowing users to focus on rest and recovery. With their combination of practicality, effectiveness, and accessibility, these pre-folded pads offer a reliable solution for managing incontinence in any situation.


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